How to Reduce Pet Allergens in your Home

While having pets in our home gives us great joy and companionship, some people can suffer allergic reactions from their fur and feathered friends. This can be a great cause of discomfort. In this article Brendan, our professional Carpet Cleaner, explains how you can reduce pet allergens in your home.

Why vacuuming your carpet is good for your health

In Ireland, specially in the winter we spend 90% of our time indoors. While carpets are a great feature in our homes, they can also disguise dirt (dry soils) which can easily be seen on hard floors. Grime, pet hair and other pollutants  left in a carpet can trigger asthma and other ailments. A good vacuuming maintenance program is essential, as the quality of indoor air is an important health concern. A good floor mat at the entrance of a work place or home can Read More +

Urine Stain and Odour Treatment for Carpet

We are going to talk about Urine Stain and Odour Treatment for Carpet. This topic is often under estimated by Pet owners because they might not realize that urine is an health hazard issue. If your pet recently came into your life, it probably means that you are training them "to have their tinkle" outside the house or into the cat litter. So for the first days, its likely that a few accidents will happen.

When Yelp doesn’t Help!

Nowadays with the incremental use of Social Media and Business Reviews websites, a consistent part of customers are relying on the online reviews before buying a service. One example of this platform is called Yelp and sometimes doesn't ... help :-) Why? I am going to explain it in this post.