Upholstery Cleaning Dublin is what we provides among our well spoken services. Sometimes having an expensive sofa can be one of the biggest financial investments you can make: It is the central point for most homes. Kids, pets, hair oil, dead cells and normal day to day spills and dirt can leave your furniture drab, reducing its time span.

Sofa cleaning dublin



Harsh supermarket cleaners and spotters can nearly destroy upholstery if used on fabrics like cotton or leather. That’s why it is important to get upholstery cleaned by a professional who knows what detergent needs to be used, having the latest cleaning machine on the market.

Upholstery cleaning can be a lot more specialized than, say carpet cleaning: There are a lot of sensitive fabrics and weaves that need specialized cleaning techniques and products to clean up safely.

The average time we we allot to clean a 3 seater and two armchairs is two and a half hours. I am amazed and appalled when clients tell us that their last upholstery cleaner took less than half an hour to clean the whole suite. You cannot speed this cleaning process.

Upholstery Cleaning: what we guarantee

  • Our products and detergents are safe for all upholstery, and also safe for kids and pets too.
  • FREE deodorization to your suite and room.
  • Our upholstery cleaning process is anti-bacterial and fungicidal and it is included as standard.
  • FREE onsite quotation. Just contact us on 086 3524539 – No obligations

Featured services

  • Scotchgard fabric protector: if you have a fabric upholstery it will be sealed against any liquid spillage or stains. Let’s say you drink red wine on your sofa and you spill it. With Scotchgard fabric protector it will protect your fabrics against stains.

Chem2Clean provides a professional service for Upholstery Cleaning, covering Dublin and surrounded areas, including County Kildare and Wicklow.