Carpet Cleaning and Repair in Dublin

Looking for a Carpet Repair in Dublin is sometimes an headache because you don’t know what could happen to your carpet. Are they going to fix or further damage it? Also ask yourself: is it worth replacing a whole carpet when you can just fix it at a fraction of the cost?

Carpet Repair in Dublin

Fixing the edgde of a stretched carpet! Job done! Customer Satisfied!

You can be sure we know how to repair a carpet. We are in business 20 years ago and strife for perfection. We do love our job and our customers recognise this attitude.

Remember: If your carpet is damaged, you probably do not need to replace it. If it is just dirty and you tried to clean yourself with an expensive hoover and its still not totally clean, we will show you how our professional machines Clean your carpet.

Can I repair my Carpet instead of buying a new one?

The answer is yes!

If your carpet has a cut or a tough stain (paint, chewing gum, etc) we can fix it! If your carpet has stretched (or shirked) so that its border doesn’t touch anymore with your skirtboard, we can fix it. What we can’t do is read the magic ball and guess you are looking for somebody who can fix your carpet. In this case it would be better if you call us on 01 235 4866. We cover all areas of Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare.

If you are still in doubt about what we have been doing for 20 years, please check this video showing how we fixed this carpet.

2 thoughts on “Carpet Cleaning and Repair in Dublin

  • Nicola Donnellan

    Hi there

    Looking to get 3 small areas repaired on stairs carpet.

    Can we arrange meeting to get quote?



    • Brendan

      Hi Nicola,
      thanks for your comment.
      To provide you with the best quote, I will need to know more about those 3 areas to repair.
      You can contact me at 086 352 4539 or 01 235 4866.
      Eventually feel free to use our Contact Form so we can get back to you.
      Best Regards, Brendan


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