What is a Truckmount Carpet Cleaner?

I will explain you in plain English what is a Truckmount Carpet Cleaner, the core unit of our cleaning system for Domestic and Commercial locations.

Truckmount carpet cleaner machine
Truckmount Carpet Cleaner made by ProChem

As you can see in the image above this unit is not for amateurs for several reasons. The first is obvious, you have to be trained to operate it and have experience. Second is the cost, whose price range just for the main unit starts from 12,000 Euro upwards and only deliver the best on the carpet cleaning market. There is no doubts about it.

What is a Truckmount? What it does?

A Truckmount unit like the one in picture is mounted to the floor of our van. Hence the name truck mount. This unit has its own engine working on Diesel and delivers the following tasks:

  • Hot pressurized water: the water is heated at a constant temperature. This helps to remove stains and dirt easily without compromising the surface of your carpet.
  • High pressure vacuum blowing: Once the area is cleaned, the dirty water still left in the carpet is vacuumed and goes into its own waste tank located in the van. What is left then it is a fresh and clean carpet.
  • Distributing the chemical trough its own injection system. A tank located into the van is filled with a specific chemical product (safe for the environment) and it is injected into the hot pressurized water. We always add deodorizer and anti bacterial products on top of the cleaning liquid. All these chemicals are safe for humans and pets too.

This machine uses a minimum amount of water so that is also Eco-friendly.

What you will see in your house or apartment, more than this truckmount machine (mounted inside our van) would be our professional tools such as the hose, rotary machine and nozzle for upholstery cleaning like in the following image. So next time you see this tools you won’t think you got a contact with an alien, but with a professional carpet cleaner who uses a state of the art cleaning machines to bring you the best results.

Truckmount Accessories

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