Professional Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Here at Chem2Clean Dublin we offer Professional Carpet Cleaning for both Domestic and business locations. Why do we use the word professional? Sometimes these words are over used, if not abused. All our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of carpet care and stain removal. Read more about our Domestic Carpet Cleaning Services

Choosing the right Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Keeping your rugs and carpet clean inside a commercial building is definitely a tough task that requires a cleaning regime and regular maintenance. Getting this right will ensure that your carpets last longer and you stay away from expensive replacements. This post gives you the crucial factors that you should consider when selecting a commercial carpet cleaning company.

Why Carpet Cleaning is important?

In the following post we explain Why carpet cleaning is important. Please read carefully because it is really important for you to understand the severe risk of Health issues related to not having a clean carpet. In fact there are many health issues being associated with dirty carpets. Dirty carpets are known to harbor countless number of germs. Mold can also grow in damp and dirty carpets. Hair, skin and body oil of your pets can also get trapped on carpet surfaces. Dust mites and Read More +