How to remove candle wax from carpet

There is nothing more romantic than a cosy living room under the candle lights while sipping a glass of red wine with our partner. Candle lights are really suggestive and warm, but if you do not pay too much attention its liquid wax can stain your carpet.
Once the wax drops on your carpet it will start to cool, leaving a piece of solid wax on top of the stain.

candle wax

In this post I will teach you how to remove candle wax from carpet easily

 What do you need

  • Brown paper bag (the same you can get from Pennys or similar shops in Dublin);
  • An electric Iron, the same you use for your clothes;
  • hand towel or a cloth, that will be used beside the paper to protect the cleaned area;
  • Methylated Spirits, you can find in any DIY store such as Woodies DIY or B&Q;

Instruction on how to melt and absorb the wax

First thing to do is to remove the solidified candle wax. We  first need to bring the wax back to its melting point using the iron and remove the liquid with the paper bag. Follow our tips below on how to do this.

  • Take the dry cloth and lay it next to the stain. Imagine the stain is in the centre, so put the cloth on your left side.
  • Cut the paper bag  into square sheets. They don’t have to be big, just enough to cover the size of the iron metal plate. Put one sheet on top of the wax stain.
  • Your iron should be hot enough to melt the wax, but not too hot to damage your carpet.  Also ensure that the steam mode is off or it will damage the paper.
  • Take the iron and put it onto the paper sheet and leave it for for 5 seconds.
  • Gently sliding the brown paper to your left side while your iron is still in the same position. You should see that the melted wax is now being absorbed by the paper. Continue with this method till all the wax has been transferred into the brown paper sheet.

Next Step: clean and remove any candle wax that might remain on your carpet.

Candle wax is a blend between different components such as paraffin, petroleum, vegetable oils and colorants. You need to remove these, as they can cause staining

  • Take a clean cloth (synthetic fibre if possible) and wet it with Methylated Spirits.
  • Use the above damped cloth on top of the stain and gently rub on the stain. You can see that the stain will start to disappear.
  • Finally, use another cloth damped with fresh water and blot it on the treated surface.
  • Ensure that the area is completely dried.

Please note

1.Depending on the position of your candle wax stain,you can put the dry cloth on the right side and slide the paper consequently toward the cloth.

2. Before start this treatment test an hidden area of your carpet with the methylated spirits to check any reactions.

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