How to choose the Best Carpet Cleaner?

This is a guide on how to choose the Best Carpet Cleaner either in Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland. Following these guidelines you will be able to spot alarming signals, saving your wallet and your carpet.

Top Tips on how to choose the best carpet cleaner

1 – Don’t make your choice based only on the lowest quotation or coupon offers
special offer signWe know, it is always a matter of money and we are often struggling to cope with the end of the month, paying rent and bills.
Usually the first thing we do is going for the cheapest, or at least putting it into our priority list. What makes the price is the time a professional carpet cleaner dedicates to the cleaning process, their equipment, experience, products they utilize.
If you feel the price on quotation is too low you can’t believe yourself, probably there is something strange behind it. Going for the cheapest it might mean that you have to call a carpet cleaner again after few months, due to no lasting results. Do you get deodorizer? Does the cleaning product contain anti-bacterial (ie. urine stains)? Choose for a service based on quality and results more than just the cheapest price.

2- What is included in the service? Are there any extra fees such as stain removal?
About the quotation, always ask what is included and what is not. For example if you have stains on your carpet be sure they understand that, so to not incur eventually in extra charges.

3 – Check the business online before let them enter in your home
Nowadays with Internet you can do some research online. If you never heard about a business, take some time to check them on the Internet. It is easy and straight forward.
detectiveWhat to check?

Real business location: It doesn’t matter if the business is registered at their home address but it is imperative that it is real as well as their phone number. Check if they have registered to Google Places and it shown in Google Maps: This is verified by a staff of Google, a sort of proof that at least they have called the business for verification purposes. If you see that the address belongs to another company or doesn’t match, it is an alarming signal to consider. Sometimes the address refers to a vacant building into a Business Park.

How did you hear about this carpet cleaner? If you got a flyer into your mail box or they showed at your doorstep, take some time to do your research as explained in the previous point. Do not fall into common tricks such as “Only for today… special price” or “Because we are in your area…”.

Check the business reputation on common website reviews such as Yelp, Facebook, Google Page, etc. First you should be able to see that the business exist and second if there are some negative reviews. This will help to understand if a customer was satisfied with the service and why not otherwise. Often you have to read between the lines of a positive feedback as not everybody would like to write something negative with the risk of being threatened by the business owner. As I wrote before, you should be able to contact the business easily as well to understand the job they are going to do in your home. If you are not too familiar with the use of Internet, ask a friend or a relative to help you with this research.

4 – Feel free to ask for a customer referral
If the potential carpet cleaner is “clean” with their conscience, they will be happy to provide a referral from one of their latest jobs. Ask if they did any job nearby where you live or request a referral if you didn’t see any feedback online.

5 – Feel free to ask for any questions pops out your mind before your final choice
If it is the first time in calling for a carpet cleaner, feel free to ask them any related questions such as how they are going to execute the cleaning job, how long does it takes etc, etc. Any professional carpet cleaner such as Chem2Clean will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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