Urine Stain and Odour Treatment for Carpet

We are going to talk about Urine Stain and Odour Treatment for Carpet. This topic is often under estimated by Pet owners because they might not realize that urine is an health hazard issue. If your pet recently came into your life, it probably means that you are training them “to have their tinkle” outside the house or into the cat litter. So for the first days it would be probably possible they don’t get the right message.Confusing your carpet or rug as a lovely lawn.

Urine stain on carpet
Urine stain on carpet

Urine Stain Removal on Carpet

Urine can stain a fibre if not removed quickly. Wool is one example because of its mild acidic make up, on average Ph 5 can be prone to alkaline liquids. If it is just a fresh accident, get some white towels and put them on the stain absorbing as much as possible. Then apply some white vinegar diluted with 2 times water and let dwell for 15 minutes. After that, rinse with some fresh water and blot with a fresh towel. You might have to do this process more than once.
Older stains can be more difficult to remove, that’s why if you have this issue you should immediately clean. You can try with 3% clear hydrogen peroxide. You can find easily in any local pharmacy in Dublin. Spray on the stain and let dwell for 30 minutes. After that, blot it with a damp towel.

Please read: If using Hydrogen peroxide, put a small amount on a hidden area of your carpet to test for any negative reaction. Do not use peroxide higher than 3% as it can result in bleaching, more visible if you have dark carpet.

Urine odour removal for carpet

Pet urine on carpets can be a real problem for pet owners. Pets tend to urinate in the same area, causing not only the carpet to smell, but the underlay and sub-floor too. Cat urine can be hard to neutralize if not cleaned in time.

A good enzyme odour neutralizer from your local Pet store might eliminate the problem. Some of the pet odour products on the market only mask the smell and often the odour will return. This issue is common because the salt left over from the urine causes the smell. So it is very important to penetrate the carpet and sub-floor to eradicate the odour completely. The picture below shows you the carpet sub levels where urine can penetrate: Carpet Backing and Carpet Pad.

urine odour: level of carpets
Levels of a Carpet where urine can penetrate.

How to get rid of bad smell?

Once you have located the area to treat follow this steps:

  • Drop some Dettol or similar disinfectants on the contaminated area and leave it for 30 minute.
  • After 30 minutes rinse with fresh water.
  • If the odour persists, try the following concoction made of: 16 oz of clear 3% hydrogen peroxide (about 170 ml), 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Mix it all together and soak the area.
  • Leave to dry and vacuum any residue that remains. Try this formula in a hidden area of your carpet before proceeding in case of any negative reactions.

Extra Tip: If your pet urinates in the same spot, spray Listerine mouth wash on the effected area. Your pets will not smell its odour again so not urinating on this spot. Also, Listerine releases a particular smell that pets don’t like, despite being safe for everybody, pet included.

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