How often should I have my carpet cleaned by a professional?

This question always pops up when I meet a new customer: “How often should I have my carpet cleaned by a professional?”. My first answer is “Depend on how your carpet is used and treated”. In fact the more you are “using” or “stressing” your carpet the more frequently needs to be looked after by a professional carpet cleaner.

Factors who determine how often you should call a professional carpet cleaner

Starting with the “best case scenario”, you should avail from a professional carpet cleaner company at least once a year. For best case scenario you wouldn’t have in your home: pets, children, flowers (pollen). You walk without shoes but not barefoot, no drinking or eating in any room with a carpet floor. Rooms should be well ventilated with humidity less than 50% .
Also keeping the carpet floor cleaned regularly using a high specs vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. That’s why I called best case scenario.
Moving into a more realistic approach, the following are the common factors that will increase the frequency, starting for example from twice a year for a best clean carpet maintenance.

pets scratchingPets: Cats, dogs, rabbits
If you have pets, your carpet collects hairs and dead skin cells from your lovely friends (helping the grown of carpet moths). Even if they are house trained, sometimes may happen the unlikely event of urine stains. So if you have pets in your home and they can access to carpet areas you should have a deep hot water extraction cleaning at least 2, 3 times a year depending on the use of the carpet. Nevertheless to guarantee an high standard of hygiene on your carpet.

babies on carpetKids
They like playing on carpet. It is the best spot for babies and kids because carpet is warm and feels great. Kids as well as adults have hair and dead skin cells that are transferred to the carpet. So again they will be trapped by the carpet feeding moth larvae. Saliva or vomit might be also transferred to the carpet. Consider also that a dirty or dusty carpet is not an healthy place for a child. Dust can cause Asthma or respiratory issues. It is advisable to clean these areas every 3 months.

carpet stair thumbnailHigh traffic in common areas
Landing, stairs, or a hall are the crucial areas for your carpet floor. If not looked after regularly, it can cause surface deterioration and discoloration, because they are the most walked areas in your home. Time frame between professional cleanings depends on how often you walk on these surfaces and how many people are living in a house. More people means more traffic. Usually a family with kids or people living in a sharing accommodation would need an average of 4 times per year, while at least twice a year for a couple.

Entertainment areas such as living room or dining room are usually sources of crumbles, water, beer or wine spillage and sometimes food or sauce spillage too. Who doesn’t love to eat something in the living room watching a movie or a sport event? Any food source transferred into the carpet will feed parasites, mites and moths, so it is wise to vacuum every time after eating. A professional carpet cleaning is required at least tree times a year.

A Common mistake

Don’t wait too long, till the carpet is visibly dirty. You cannot see the under layer. This layer is were the dirt and the dust mites are hidden and it is not safe for your health and neither for the life of your carpet.

Please note: This post contains a general guideline on how often you should call a professional carpet cleaner like Chem2Clean. We strongly advise to contact us so we can provide you a personalized free advice and quotation tailored for your needs and type of carpets.

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