Is Rug Doctor better than Professional Carpet Cleaner?

A well known proverb says “You get what you pay for”. For many it is true, for others it doesn’t mean anything because their goal is just save money. By the way, are you sure you save money in the long run, such as carpet maintenance vs carpet replacement ?

Price comparison: sometimes doesn’t help

If you compare for example the price between same products, you are wise to choose the cheapest one, because the items are the same: Same brand, same model.
The so called diatribe starts to “spark” when we compare a given price from two different services:

– Renting a DIY carpet cleaning machine such as Rug Doctor;

– Hiring a professional carpet cleaner with a Truck Mount cleaning system worth on average 20 thousands Euro, at a fraction of its price;

If you know about a product you will understand what you really get!

Our decisions are based mostly on the perception of the service or product more than what you can really get. For example you see a Tv Ads telling you to buy something and that it will be good for you. This is how you get the perception of that product. Probably there are better products/services out there, but if you don’t seek further information, you will never know.

The same principle goes to our carpet cleaning service who employs a pressurized hot water deep carpet cleaning system who doesn’t damage the fibres of your carpet or rug, because it doesn’t have brushes.

Rotovac360i head brushless

This system leverages its cleaning results on the hydration (spray jets) and suction power (vacuum heads): Fibres of your carpet are washed with more water and at the same time all the dirty water is collected. This is the reason why we don’t need brushesWhat remains is a fresh cleaned carpet.

We invite you to see these results with your own eyes. This page contains videos of our recent job in Dublin.

We can help you with some crucial comparisons

Rug Doctor Chem2clean with Truck Mount
To hire it you must provide:
1. Recent Household Bill within the last 6 months or Bank & Credit Card Bill.
2. Full Driving License or Valid Passport
Just call 01 235 4866 and we will do the job for you. A professional carpet cleaner at your doorstep.
You have to buy detergent who usually is an all purpose one and mix with water. We have specific professional detergent designed for different purposes and fabrics: urine stains, pest infestation, sanitation, etc, etc.
You have to go to a renting point and get the machine, then load into your car and drive home. Just wait for us at the scheduled time you decided.
From time to time you have to empty the dirty water bucket, refill the cleaning solution tank and clean the filter in the dome. Continuous cleaning, no stop for refilling. No wasting time. You just watch us doing the magic.
Once you finished with the tool you have to clean it and bring it back. Once we finish with the job we just bring all our cleaning tools back into the van and that’s it.
It is strongly advised to vacuum the area before using rug doctor, for better results. No vacuuming needed, we clean your carpet without pre-vacuuming giving you best results.
Depending on what kind of fibres is made, brushes can damage the longevity of your carpet. Our cleaning equipment is brushless because we use high pressurized water who goes into the fibre without damaging it.
They states “Some stains require professional treatment We are the professional treatment. We will treat and remove all the stains! Don’t worry

In conclusion, if you love your carpet and you want it to last longer, we advise to hire a professional carpet cleaner who can asses the status of your carpet and advice on the best cleaning results. Remember, carpets are not all the same. So they need a different cleaning treatment. If you need any advice just call us on 01 235 4866