Why Carpet Cleaning is important?

In the following post we explain Why carpet cleaning is important. Please read carefully because it is really important for you to understand the severe risk of Health issues related to not having a clean carpet.

In fact there are many health issues being associated with dirty carpets. Dirty carpets are known to harbor countless number of germs. Mold can also grow in damp and dirty carpets. Hair, skin and body oil of your pets can also get trapped on carpet surfaces. Dust mites and other insects live in dirty and damp carpets.

Dirty carpets, therefore, have serious health impacts on individuals as the dirt can increase incidences of asthma and can be dangerous to people that are allergic to dust. In this following video, broadcasted on a British Tv, it will show the risk of a dirty carpet and what could be the consequences.

Carpet Cleaning is a necessity, not an option

Carpet cleaning is a necessity for all homes and offices as it has much more to do with your health than your home or office appearance. Cleaning your carpets regularly reduces your chances of experiencing various health problems.

Tough carpet problems such as stains and dampness should not be ignored as they tend to be the most harmful. Whether you use a cloth and water, a carpet brush or a carpet cleaning machine, there are many health benefits that you can obtain from cleaning your carpet regularly.

We do have professional equipments

Some people have difficulties in cleaning their carpets as they may not have the right equipment and detergents to remove stubborn stains. If you are in Dublin and you need to get your carpet cleaned well, we would like to hear from you and provide a Free quotation. Just contact us on 01 235 4866.

There are many elements that could make your carpet become extremely dirty. Dirt or mud from outside can find its way into your carpets. Regular sweeping and vacuuming may not entirely eliminate dirt and odor from your carpets. In such instances, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner to totally remove this leftover particles. Professional carpet cleaners can analyze your situation and clean your carpet accordingly. We are able to clean all types of carpets be they wool, nylon, polypropylene and acrylic carpets.

Not only Cleaning but also sanitize your carpet

We make use of leading solutions and machinery to remove stubborn stains and dirt. We also use deodorizers, neutralizers and sanitizers to eliminate bacteria and odors such as pet urine and vomit.

Have you ever heard about carpet moths?

Health is an important factor as to why individuals should rely on professional carpet cleaners. Health threatening organisms that are invisible such as viruses, bacteria and fungi are a great deal of concern in most homes and offices. Thorough and proper carpet cleaning with the help of professional cleaners will ensure that these harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi are suppressed completely.

We are able to detect growth of mold in your carpet and will propose remedial actions before the problem gets out of hand.

Why replace a carpet when you can prolong its life?

Chem2Clean will extend the life of your carpets. This will prevent the day to day dirt from being embedded in your carpet fibers. If you see the cost on the long term, you will save money and time.

What to do next? Contact us for a totally Free quotation on 01 235 4866.

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