Why vacuuming your carpet is good for your health

In Ireland, specially in the winter we spend 90% of our time indoors. While carpets are a great feature in our homes, they can also disguise dirt (dry soils) which can easily be seen on hard floors. Grime, pet hair and other pollutants  left in a carpet can trigger asthma and other ailments. A good vacuuming maintenance program is essential, as the quality of indoor air is an important health concern.

Vacuuming a carpet
Vacuuming a carpet is essential!

A good floor mat at the entrance of a work place or home can substantially cut down on pollutants gaining access to your indoor environment.

Please note that 70% of dirt and grime entering a building do so on footwear. A good vacuum cleaner is essential.

I know it can be tempting to buy one of the cheap vacs that say go for 100 Euro. Personally, I would opt for one of the leading brands. Preferably one with beater brush roll to loosen the dry soil as you vacuum. Every couple of weeks inspect the waste bag and filters and change accordingly.

Even as a professional carpet cleaner, with large powerful truckmounted machines, we always vacuum before we start the carpet cleaning progress. In fact it is what separates the professionals from the splash and dash merchants. Wet soil can  stick to fibers making it harder extract. An example, if you have ever had a swim and sunbathed on a sandy beach, yes you can wipe the sand away when its damp, but leave it till it dries and it falls away with a easy swipe with your hand.

Remember: A good vacuuming routine helps create a happier and healthier environment.

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