Chocolate Stain Removal from Carpet

Have you ever experienced Chocolate Stains on your Carpet? There is nobody to blame about it. This can happen to everybody, especially if you have kids. So don’t worry, we are going to share with you this tip on Chocolate Stain Removal from Carpet.

In this post we will explain how to remove Chocolate Stain from your Carpet

Chocolate stain on carpet
Easy trick on how to remove chocolate stains from your carpet

Anyone who has kids will appreciate this tip. If you have chocolate or coffee stains on your carpet follow this instructions:

1. Take a white vinegar and pour immediately on the stain. To have a better pour control, you can use a spoon, so you avoid in spilling too much on the carpet.

2. Ensure you have distributed the vinegar on the stain and leave it for 1 mnute.

3. Blot  the stain with a damp sponge or cloth. if the stain is tough, wash the cloth several times between applications.

If you have no vinegar at hand,  try a mild solution of Fairy Liquid or similar wash up product. Pour some onto a clean cloth and rub gently.

Important: Always blot a stain, never scrub as it can damage the fibre or your carpet.

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