Tips: How to Remove Bleach Stains on Carpet?

In this post we explain How to Remove Bleach Stains on Carpet.

Bleach stain on carpet
How to remove bleach stains on Carpet?

First of all, a bleach stain doesn’t have to be seen as the end of your carpet. If it’s not a huge spot, you can get away with it, repairing the spot and no one will see it again as it was before. The other side of the coin is that this kind of repair it is not as simple as cleaning carpet stains, because you have to choose the right matching colour to cover the spot. However it is cheaper than investing in a new carpet or rug.

Cut a small square of your carpet from a hidden area. The best would be having a leftover from the previous installation. Take it to a craft store and see if you can find a crayon or dye that will match your carpet’s colour. In the case of a dye, you can ask the store if they can mix the colour for you. There are also some specialized DIY Shops in Dublin where to buy a Carpet Stain Removal Kit but if you get crayons will be less expensive.

Once you covered the bleach stain with the new matching colour, set with heat: steam from a domestic iron or wall paper stripper. This it will fix the colour on the layer of the carpet.

Please note: Be careful using these items, steam only, and just a few seconds at one time. Otherwise you will further damage your carpet.

If this is the case you don’t feel confident to fix the bleach stain on your own, you can contact Chem2Clean at 01 235 4866 and we will repair for you.

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