How to remove wine stains on carpet

Living room is a comfy place where to socialize with friends, why not, in front of a fireplace while sipping a glass of good red wine. If you have a carpet in your living room, it might happen due to a unlucky accident, that some wine drops spills on it. A best scenario is to have a dark carpet so that the red wine doesn’t ruin the colour of your carpet. The worst scenario is like in the following image, to have a bright colour carpet. In this case your carpet will be stain due to its tannins.

Red wine stain on carpet
Wine stain in a carpet

Red wine contains tannins which can be difficult to remove if not tackled immediately. If red wine is spilt on a carpet, it absorbs as much wine as possible. Also usually the stain starts to spread.

How to fix it? As soon as you get the wine stain on your carpet, take a white vinegar  and dilute 1 part of it with two parts of water and dab with a cloth. Try to absorb the liquid rather than just scrub. So if the stain it is not removed, add more winegar solution as written above and repeat the step. Once the stain disappears, use a new cloth, damp with water and gently dab on the surface. Ensure that at the end the area where you worked on is dry. You can eventually use an hair dryer.

For white wine spillage use the same advise above and absorb as much wine as you can.

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