Coffee and Tea stain removal on carpets

Easy Tip about Coffee and Tea stain removal on carpets. This is as nasty as the wine stain, as it can ruin the colour of the carpet. So it is advised to clean it immediately after the spillage because coffee and tea can be a tricky stain to remove if not acted on quickly.

Coffee stain on carpet

Coffee stain removal on carpet

All depend on how hot the coffee or tea was when spilt and the fibre of the carpet.

First step is to absorb the spillage as quickly as you can with a damp water cloth. this way it will reduce the damage. Still the stain is not dry you have more chance to clean totally.

Once you removed the superficial liquid, blot the stain with soda water or white vinegar diluted by 2 times with fresh water. Blot until the stain is gone.


Remember: Never rub a stain as it can cause damage to the fibre.
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