Oil paint stain removal

From our series of Chem2Clean Easy tips, today’s topic is How to remove Oil paint Stain from your Carpet.

Paint can be a real problem to remove if not tackled asap, in fact if you do not act fast it will dry and stay forever on your carpet.

paint stain draw

If it is just small blob of paint, try some paint thinner. It might fix the issue. You can buy some paint thinner in any Paint or DIY shop in Dublin.

Follow our instructions below. Test in a hidden area before applying the products:

1. Dab as gently as you can until all the paint has been removed. Avoid to scrub as it can ruin the carpet and also spread the paint deeper.

2. If this doesn’t work, try using some dry cleaning solvent.

3. In both the above cases, once the stain has removed use a damp cloth with fresh water to rinse the area.

As we stated before, oil paint stains can be tough to remove, so If none of these worked, you might consider to contact us at 01 235 4866 and we will help you providing the best solution for you.
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