Vomit stains on carpet: How to clean it?

Vomit stains on carpet are definitely one of the those accidents that most of us would try to avoid for several reasons: The first is obviously that they are disgusting. Another reason is about the smell. If you don’t clean properly, the smell will stay forever in your living room or where the vomit located. Another reason, if the previous two are not enough, it can cause health issues. Vomit as an organic substance helps the growth of moth moth larvae on your carpet.

Vomit stains on carpetCleaning vomit  from carpets is a nasty job. If you follow our instructions you will get rid of it.

1. Get a spoon and scrape as much vomit as you can from the carpet. If the odour is tough, you can use a dust mask or a cloth or scarf to cover your nose and mouth. Also another good advice is to open the windows so to create a ventilated area.


2. Start by misting the stain with water and absorb it with a clean white cloth. Blot the area, pressing down firmly (do not rub) for 30 seconds. Then repeat your blotting until the area is dry.

3. If  a stain still remains on your carpet, mist the carpet now with water and a slight bit of hand soap or some dishwashing liquid, and repeat the blotting process.

4. If the stain or odor persists  you can also saturate the area with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Leave it for five minutes, then repeat the blotting process pressing down firmly until area is dry.

Another option for cleaning the stain and eliminating the odor is sprinkling baking soda or white vinegar over it. Agitate the baking soda into the soiled area and let dry. Leave for a few hours or over night and then vacuum to remove the dry material.

Please read before following our instructions: When using hydrogen peroxide on carpets, test over an inconspicuous area and use sparingly. You could also try to mist the stain with Dettol, clear liquid, formerly called Dettox. This will kill the bacteria which is causing the odour. If the odour persists, you can consider in contacting us at the number 01 235 4866. We cover all Dublin areas, Wicklow and Kildare.

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