Chewing gum stain removal from carpets

This post will explain how to remove chewing gum stains on carpets. Gum on the carpet can be tricky to break up because chewing gum is sticky and difficult to remove, but following our tips below you will get the best from this bad experience.

Instructions on how to remove chewing gum

Chewing gum on carpet

Chewing gum on carpet, how to remove it?

1. Spray a little WD40 on the area affected and wait for 3 minutes. This should start breaking down the gum. If you don’t know, Wd40 is a multi purpose lubricant spay you can buy in any DIY shops in Dublin.

2. Use a butter knife and a towel to remove the gooey mess.

3. Once the gum has been totally removed, blot the area with some white spirits and some soda water. This will remove also the lubricant from the carpet. Try not to scrub the stain as it can damage the fibre. Simply blot the stain.

Another technique to try is to put some ice cubes in a clear plastic bag and leave on the gum. This will harden the gum and it would be easy to remove it from the carpet.

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