Oil stain on carpet: How to remove it?

Oil stain on carpet is one of the those stains that you just do not want to deal with.Water just will not remove it.

Following these tips, luckily you can get rid of your oil stain. As usual the faster you react the better is the result.

Remember: To remove oil stains from carpets, it is important to absorb the oil first.

Instructions on how to remove oil stains from your carpet

oil stain on carpet

oil stain on carpet. How to remove it?

Baking soda works great, but in an emergency, talcum powder will also work.

1. Sprinkle the powder on the stain and leave it from a few hours to the over night, depending on the oil stain size.

2. Vacuum the powder. If any stain remains, try blotting the stain with some cleaning detergent for breaking down oil and grease:, Fairy liquid or other washing up liquids work well. However, the better the quality the better the result, so I will personally go for a branded washing up liquid.

3. Blot with a damp cloth using fresh water to rinse it.

Remember: Never scrub a stain as it can damage its fibre. Blot from the middle of the stain moving outwards.

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  • paula

    hi brendan just clicked on your site and was delighted with such a great tip it was a life saver as i taught i would had to get a new carpet i was just wondering when would it suit for u to clean the whole carpet my mam said u done a great job on her stairs and landing if the offer forr 99 euro for the stairs landing and room is still available i might avail of it if u can let me know as soon as possible when u can do it brendan many thanks again paula


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